New Year, Right Start

Task List for a fresh start to 2019

  • Be sure all wages, both non-exempt and exempt, comply with the new California minimum wage.
  • Update New Hire Packages to include the 2019 W-4 and updated Marketplace Notices.
  • Update commission agreements if there will be changes or if you don’t have one and pay commissions, get one.  Commission agreements signed by both parties are mandated in California.
  • Capture updated employee and emergency contact information. 
  • Be sure to update deduction authorization forms with employee signature for any deduction amount changes.
  • Update mileage reimbursement amounts, see below.
  • Perform an internal Form I-9 audit, Elmore HR can help.
  • Be certain that all participants in the retirement plan have completed and have a beneficiary form on file.

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