Online Harassment Prevention Training

Elmore HR has partnered with  My CE Course to offer you an online platform for the Required Harassment Prevention Training.

When you purchase the package that matches your Company’s size, you’ll receive access to assign the applicable courses to your employees, track their completion, and they will have the option to choose from multiple languages available.

We encourage and are happy to facilitate Harassment Prevention training at your worksite, however, the online platform allows you another method to satisfy the requirement in instances such as distant employees who can’t attend on-site training, employees who speak other languages, and, the ongoing requirement for new hires, temporary workers, and newly-promoted supervisors.

Who is required to take it? 
As you know, all business in California with 5 or more employees must provide Harassment Prevention training to all Supervisors and Staff before the end of the year (just 19 weeks left!), and then every two years following.  Anyone in a Supervisory position must receive 2 hours of training, and all staff must receive 1 hour of training.  Ongoing, you must provide the training to any employee who is newly hired or promoted to a Supervisory position within 6 months of taking their position.  Temporary staff must receive the training within their first 100 hours or 30 days, whichever is sooner.
Access the site by clicking this link, or by visiting

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