Prepare For Safe Reopening of Your Sacramento Business

Guidelines & Requirements To Know When Preparing For Safe Reopening of Your Business in Sacramento, CA

Guidelines & Requirements To Know When Preparing For Safe Reopening of Your Business in Sacramento, CA

In this post, you will find tools to assist with preparing the workplace and workforce for reopening as well as important reminders and items to check for those businesses which have remained open. It is important to take the time to develop a strategy and plan for Restoration of Business Operations, Plan ahead, and Reflect on Responses and Actions up to this point.

These resources are intended to be used in various industries. With that said, there may be additional considerations for your specific industry and certain advisements for employers located in various parts of the Greater Sacramento area, such as Folsom. Not sure if you have all the requirements met for reopening? Call us to discuss the specifics of your workplace and work environment for your staff and customers with responsive, real-time HR consulting.

Update on Telework: July 2020

We suggest that you continue to have staff telework into July, even if you can open your workplace to returning staff. Call us to discuss your company specifics and why we feel this consideration is necessary. It is also required for returning staff to wear face coverings, as mandated by the state of California.

We want all of our clients to review this guidance and complete the appropriate checklist. Also, it is imperative that you check your State, County, and City requirements, whether you are in Sacramento, Folsom or outside of the Greater Sacramento area.

Important Resources To Review:

Additional Resources For Employers:

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